17 June 2010

Santai @ Tg. Lumpur, Kuantan

15th June was my mum's birthday. So, we thought celebrated it by eating out for dinner. As far as eating out is concern, Kuantan doesnt really have that much of variety. It's either that or our standard are set too high that all the restaurants cant seem to match my mum's cooking.

After a lot of thinking & considerations, and based on our research in the net, we decided to go to Santai in Tg. Lumpur. By the way, this particular Santai got nothing to do with those Santai Restaurant chain in KL. In terms of food quality & service, the other Santai is much, much better.

I'm not gonna talk much about this place since there's nothing good to be talked about. All I could say is that, we've made a terribly wrong decision by going there & I would never ever set my foot to this restaurant anymore. There are only 2 words that could best described the place : the food sucks & the service is super slow !

These are some of the dishes that were ordered :

Tomyam Poh Tag

I would like to call this as a magic soup - coz though the name is tomyam, it doesnt taste like one at all. Imagine this......a tomyam soup with bay leaves rather than kaffir lime leaves. Makes me wonder why they called it Tomyam in the first place.

Ikan Dua Jiwa

The fish is over cooked which makes it so hard & lost its sweetness. One part of the fish had a tasteless gravy spilled on it whereas the other part was dumped with a shredded mango on it. Good thing the mango got it's own taste, otherwise I would call this dish as Ikan Tiada Jiwa (Soul-less Fish) rather than Ikan Dua Jiwa.

Kerabu Seafood

It's like eating a spaghetti with a satay sauce - that's how I would describe this kerabu. What they did is mixing the seafood with chili sauce - so not in sync !

Another thing that really disappoints us is the condition of the food. Those foods are supposed to be made to order. But from what we observed, they dont look that way. All the foods were not hot at all but rather slightly warm instead. But then if they were pre-cooked, why are they taking ages to send them to our table?

All & all, everything was a huge disappointment to us. We could still tolerate the super slow service if the foods are really good, or should I say hot & delicious. But they are neither one of them. To all Kuantan residence who intent to try out this place, you'd better think twice. Do not get fooled by the look of the restaurant. It may look exclusive & beautiful from the outside but the outcome is really unsatisfactory.


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