21 June 2010

I Love Kimora !

I was busy cleaning up my apartment on Sunday after deserting it for a week or so ( yeahhhh, as if I cleaned my house every other day....duhhhhhh ). Anyway, it's a lot of work - considering that I haven't step my foot in my home's "maintenance department" for quite some time already. It's like a total maintenance program for the whole apartment - all the way from the kitchen, bedroom, living and not forgetting my petite garden. Though my apartment is just a small ones, all those cleaning, sweeping & mopping really drained me up.

After I had lunch with my precious, I sat in front of the TV while scrolling down the channel for any good programmes that is worth watching. Looks like I just got myself rewarded after a hard day work. E! channel is having a marathon on Kimora's Life On The Fab Lane the whole day today ! So, both me & Marsya spent the whole evening watching this favourite show of mine - thank God my princess enjoyed it too !

I really love this female - very, very much. Watching her reminds me of myself - only that I'm not a millionairess like her & while she had Digimon by her side, I'm only left with my Pokemon ( not sure if any one of you actually get the joke......hehehe ). Apart from these two, both me & Kimora are indeed very much alike. She's loud & blunt, and so am I. She's as crazy & nutty as me. She's big and I'm big too (though not as tall ). She had a Chinese blood running through her veins - again, just like me. She's gorgeous & fabulous - do I need to reiterate these too? Duhhhhhh......

I see her as my role model & I'm sure a lot of other women feels the same way too. Every woman in this planet, if were given a choice would wanna be like her. I love how over the top she is. She's not just a pretty face - she's the mother of all moguls, as what they called her. And what makes her so special is her affections towards her loved ones - her man & children. She can be a very serious entrepreneur at one time & at other times, she's the most lovable mother Ming, Aoki & Kenzo ever had. Watching her show makes me wanna dream.....not just dream but dream BIG !

Kimora, you go girl !


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