10 July 2009

Alleycats @ Royale Chulan

Alleycats is currently having a 6 months gig at this new 5 star hotel, Royale Chulan Hotel on Jalan Conlay. The gig is held at the Heritage Lounge which is a 3 hour live show, starting from 10.00 pm.

So, me & 6 other MK gang went there last Friday to watch this awesome gig. If it wasnt becoz of this gig, i wouldnt have known that this building behind LTAT is actually a hotel. I've always loved to see it's handcrafted, carved wooden features.....it looks more of a handicraft center than a hotel to me....very Malaysian & beautiful indeed.

As mentioned above, the gig is being held at the Heritage Lounge. Entrance is free by the way. Since we've already make our bokings beforehand, so we've got the seart right in front of the stage. It was 9.30 pm when we arrived, so crowd has just started to build up. While waiting for the show, I ordered a Sprite which cost RM15/glass - which is the standard hotel price for a soft drinks. I guessed this iss how they make the money since the gig is already FOC.

The performance started at 10.00 on the dot. The first few songs experienced some technical problems as one of the speaker produced this loud, unpleasant crack sound. Both the band ( Datuk David especially ) and the audience were quite unpleased by this. So, they have to stop the show for a 15 mins or so to rectify the problems. I was so worried they might cancelled off the show tonite which fortunately they dont.....legaaaa.

In short, what I can say about the performance is that, they are awesome...overwhelming.... tremendously outstanding !!! They played so well and Datuk David Arumugam's voice is so damn good. After all these years, his voice still bites. The quality fo his voive is un-intact - it's as good as what you heard in the radio or CD......astounding!

Most of the songs that they performed that nite are the on-request songs by the audience which are Alleycats' evergreens e.g. Kerana Kau, Andainya Aku Pergi Dulu, Seribu Bintang, Senyumlah Kuala Lumpur etc. Apart from those songs, there were also a few other English songs that were performed which makes it so difficult for me to sit still on my seat.....hehehehe.

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