10 July 2009


Last nite coming back from Marsya's piano class, I nearly flipped when I saw this brand new Kawasaki ER-6n sports bike at the apartment's parking lot....it's so damn gorgeous ! There I am salivating over it....juz cant took my eyes of it. Damn cool ! The coolest part of this story is that it's owned by this guy from thw 10th floor who has eyes on me all these whiles....kihkihkih. He's been asking me out for a few times already and my response has always been a "yes"..... but only in a jokingly manner. Malu lah akak.....dah la bujang...muda dari akak lak tu. Sendiri mau ingat la kan.....

This morning, I bumped into him & his new machine at the parking lot.....jeng...jeng...jeng. So, again my eyes was drooling over the bike ....not him tau - juz the bike. And do you know what he said? "I'm reserving this seat just for you....you are gonna be the first gal to be riding on this back seat. "

Wallauwehhh ! Doesnt matter if he's just trying to woo me but it surely makes my day. My heart nearly stopped ! So, there I am standing with the broadest smile on my face.....c'mon what else should I be doing, rite? I mean if possible, I would just jump up an down excitedly upon hearing that but obviously I cant do that la....especially rite in front of him......duhhhhhh !


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