03 July 2009

Archidex 09

Archidex 09 is an exhibition for the architecture, interior design and building industry. Things like home deco items, paints, wall coverings, lightings etc.....anything got to do with building & interior design are being exhibited here.

Peranakan Tiles - didnt know they still have these

I've read about this exhibition in Impiana magazine last month but totally forgotten about it......not until Richard mentioned about it just before lunch time. Nasib baik la akak dapat tau sebelum lunch time, kalau tak melepas la jawabnya.

Custom-made hand woven carpet. Price is by square feet - didnt even dare to ask....

There are 5 halls altogether & admission in free. You just need to fill in a very simple form for the registration. The crowd are much much better than the recent Expo Barangan M'sia. One thing I could conclude about this exhibition is that it is meant more for the interior designer, building contractor and those people who involved in the industry. Nevertheless, visitors like me could benefits quite a lot from it in terms of home decorating ideas.

A unique & modern looking stools

Going around the booths makes me sigh..a lot! So many outstanding & great items & designs that would amazed you. Modern contemporary designs seems to be favourite - flooring, laminating, carpets, furnitures, so on & so forth. Seronok sungguh menjamu mata kat sini !


A modern furniture set

A very trendy & funky wood laminating materials

Such a cute toilet bowl !

This is my favourite - the water is actualling falling down from the lit up square thingy at the ceiling and the bath tub is a jacuzzi....wallauwehhh !

Another cool Jacuzzi

They even have a sculpture as big as this !


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