30 July 2009

Lunch @ Carl's Junior, Pavillion

We, I mean me & Carol, are supposed to have lunch here last week. We kindof decided about it while having lunch @ Nandos since Carls Junior is located juz beside Nandos. Anyway, since both of us are quite busy with our own things last week, we have to put it on hold.

So, today here we are at Carls Junior. I'm not sure whether they have other outlet elsewhere. I still remembered their presence before.......few years back. Then after some time, gulung tikar. I guess their trying their luck again and I hope they'll make thru this time. Not that I'm a big supporter of fast foods but then at least their presence gives us a variety to the not-so many makan places around.

From my quick observation of the place, the crowd is not that encouraging :-( . The place however, is quite well decorated and offers a very cozy & pleasant environment.....maybe due to the small crowd. So, obviously placing an order is done without any hassles.

One thing....no... 2 things I like about this place - 1st is their salad buffet. They have onions, jalapeno, salsa dip & pickled cucumber. Of all, the salsa dip is my favourite.....they are so good. The best thing is you can eat as many as you could...ye lah, nama pun buffet kan?

Secondly is their drinks - it's free flow. They have soft drinks, iced tea & iced lemon tea. The drinks are a bit confusing in terms of how they've priced them. There are 3 options : small, medium & large. I just couldnt see a point why they need to have these 3 options since it's a free flow. Who would go for the large ones when you can always have a free refill? Got what I mean? Might as well pay for the small ones & refill as often as we could, isnt it?

As for their burgers, they have varieties of selections & mind you, their burgers are very meaty - something like Burger King kindof burger. I've ordered their promotional sandwich which is called Low Carb Chicken Club Sandwich. Apparently it was a very good choice. Everytime I had burgers / sandwiches, I always have problems finishing the bread. This time with this Low Carb Chicken Club Sandwich, that is no longer a problem coz this sandwich doesnt even have a bread ! No joke ! It's just a piece of chicken fillet wrapped with lettuce & a piece of cheese. That's all ! It fills my stomach so perfectly, without making it feeling so tight & bloated. Very highly recommended. However, even without a bread, it is still pricey - RM15.95+ .

Anyway, that's the price range for all their burgers here. I would say it's between RM15 - RM20 per piece. Macam mahal la jugak tapi sekali sekala apa salahnya kan?


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