30 July 2009

Men Are Cowards

Do I need to say more? Men are indeed such a coward. I'm sure a lot of you agree with this statement. It might sounds harsh & hurtful but hey guys, it's the truth....reality bites. I'm saying this based on my real life experience......correction - experiences, actually. Encountered a few guys like this in my life, unfortunately (how I'd wish I don't have to).

One of them, too coward to actually revealed to his parents that he's not earning money for the family. All the while, the wife has been supporting the family but did he ever told this fact to his own parents? Nooooo......how cud he? He's a coward remember? Or should I say, an egomaniac? The parents can actually complaint to him that his wife never contributed money to them unlike their own son - when it's actually the wife's money he's been using all along ! Such a prick, isn't it?

The next one, is a somebody whose friend keep on bitching about his wife......telling him that his wife is a queen control just because he refused to go out with him - when that's not actually the reason. He could have stand for his wife by telling him the truth but no, he chosed to keep his fuckin mouth shut ! He just let his friend bitching about his wife without a single word coming out from him. The same guy has also bad mouthed his own wife to his relative juz to get himself out from trouble. He doesnt like his name to be tarnished but is willing to splat his wife's face with shit ! Again, another act of cowardliness. Asshole !

Then again God brought another cow into my life. This one is even worse......a guy who would cheat & steal a money from a woman & spent them on her as if it's his own godamn money! He could even nag her for being careless when she told him that she lost her ATM card......when the actual fact is he's the one who stole it! Fuckin idiot ! How coward can that be, you tell me !

This one happened just recently. I've known this guy for a about a year whom consistently told me how much he adores & loves me ( yeah...yeah...yeah....make me wanna puke remembering this). Then suddenly, he just disappeared without a word. Poofffff......for a moment I thought he's was a genie ! Doesnt wanna return my call......doesnt wanna reply my sms. Watta.... !! He dont have the guts...no, not guts...he dont have the balls to say it to my face. He's acting cowardly by making himself disappear & make me assume that it's all over between us. Such a bastard !!

So dear friends, particularly those who are still single, just make sure that your men have balls.....I mean the real ones...not those faked balls those guys (described above) are having ! Once a coward forever a coward !!!!

p/s ........Man, that feels damn good !!!


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