10 July 2009

Nong & Jimmy Thai Seafood BBQ

Had dinner here tonite. This is by the way, the 2nd time I've been here. All these years I always thought that this is a Chinese restaurant. Then when Azah told me that she once had dinner here, that makes me wanna try the place too. This restaurant is very near to my place that makes it so convenient.

The restaurant is more like a zinc roof with some light fixtures and fan over concrete surface where they put plastic tables and chairs. Do not expect air conditioning or comfortable chairs, - they concentrate on food, not comfort nor the whole dining experience thingy.

Anyway, the place is always packed especially during weekends. So, if you wanna come over during weekend, it's best to come early. Take note that it opens from 6 pm onwards everyday. A car park is available right beside the restaurant - so, at least one problem solved.

While writing this entry, I just noticed that I've ordered the same exact food as my first visit few months ago. I guessed I must have loved those particular menu so much that I wanted more of them. From other food reviews that I've read about this place, their chakoi & pandan kaya are one of their popular & favorable menu. Maybe I should just tapau those chakois one of these days.

Ok this what I had that nite : the first one is the Thai Steam Fish - very juicy & fresh. The taste are so complete - the hot, sweet & sour taste are all there.

This is my favourite : Daun Keledek Goreng Belacan. You can only find this vegetables here - i mean referring to halal food outlet la.....dunno about other chinese restaurant. Maybe Daun Keledek is quite common among chinese but definately not malays. It tasted a lil bit like the green spinach but crunchier......memang best lah !

The last menu in the list was the Sotong Bakar. It has this pleasant smoky flavour. It's a bit bland however but with once dipped in the Thai sauce, it'll taste marvellous !

By the way, there are two types of Thai Chillie Sauce provided :

The hot & sweet chili sauce, dashed with lime juice

The sweet chili sauce with peanuts

For those who would like to try out the food here, I've drawn a map here for reference. Hope you'll find your way there.


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