21 July 2009

Wall Tailor

Last weekend I visited the Moden Home & Lifestyle Fair 2009 at Mid Valley. There I bought this thing called "Wall Tailor" which is a sticker you could use to decorate your wall. It's a modern way to decorate your wall rather than using a wall paper which is much much more expensive.

I have been trying to figure out how to decorate the wall at the end of the hallway in my house. One of the option is to put a wallpaper which would cost me about RM150 minimum. When I came across this Wall Tailor, I am so relieved & happy that I finally found the solution for my problem. The best thing is that it doesn't cost me a bomb.....I only spent RM55 for the sticker.

There are a lot of design available which are all very creative & modern. Colours can also be customized to your desire but it has to be pre-ordered & you only get it in 2 weeks time. After spending about 30 minutes at their booth, I've selected the floral design which came in 3 different colours. So, this is the outcome :

I would say it is just so-so la......either I'm not that creative in arranging those flowers or like what my brother said - wrong choice of colours. Anyway, it's something different & modern or should I say, contemporary.....chewahhhh.

For those who are interested can visit their website www.wall-tailor.com . Unfortunately, they dont have any shops at the moment. You can only view their product through the website or at their booth during events (which they published in the website). I've gone to their website but there's nothing much there. Did tried to sign-up but to no avail - there's an error message popped out after I click the Sign-Up link.

Anyway, to my opinion it's a good alternative way to decorate your house - especially those whose houses are with the modern / contemporary concept. It's something different yet very classy. Should give it a shot !


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