08 July 2009

Brazilian Wax

The other day, Ain, Ija & myself were talking..or rather discussing about Brazilian Wax. The topic came out when Ija told us that one of her acquaintance just had it & she was recommending it to her.

I've heard about Brazilian Wax before.....it's waxing off the pubic hair. Very scary indeed. I'm sure it's gonna be one hell of a painful experience. Try pulling out of your pubic hair....u'll be screaming your lungs out, i'm sure. Now imagine the whole hair.....wallauwehhh !!! For those who have a very low of pain tolerance, I would advise to think twice before deciding to do it.

Why do girls still do it then? Some of them said it's for hygene. But then, there are still other more pleasant way of doing it if hygene is the ultimate goal. Those who wears bikini, yes they dont have a choice. They have to do it la...otherwise they themselves cant even look down south - it's gonna be really ugly.

What about those women who dont wear bikini? Why should they go through that painful experience? Why would they torture themselves? For their man, of course. Women would always do their utmost for their man. They would sacrifice everything for their man even if it would cost their own lifes ! Would man do the same to women? Some might be but most of them wont. So, for those who's doing it for their man, just make sure it's worth it.

So, would I do it? As for the pain, I'm sure it would be bearable enuff for me. The only part that I just couldnt bear is to strip my pants off - flashing my *toot* to those strangers. To do it in the name of saving my life is ok but to strip as a "suka-suka" thing, is a complete no-no. I think I'll just stick to the conventional hair removing method la - at least for now la !


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