31 July 2009

Girl's Nite Out @ IB

It's the girl's nite out today with the JP members (KL version) to catch up the latest gossips - though we've virtually met up in FB every other day. Thanks to this thing called internet which enables people to get in touch with each other in a very fun way. Has is in town this whole week & we (Ayu & myself) are taking this opportunity to meet up lah. It's just too bad Azah, Julie & Marzita are unable to make it, otherwise things would have been merrier.

As usual, Ayu came with his troop which consist of her hubby & 5 kids. The meeting point for our get together is at Istana Budaya & we've inhabited the restaurant next to it since that is the only decent place to sit & talk.

There are so many things to cover yet too little time. We had so much fun talking & teasing each others.....apart from updating our own stories. Girls are girls.....we just cant stop talking. There are so many stories to talk about - we've never ran out of ideas when it comes to gossiping & telling stories. We have to end up the wonderful moments since Ayu's son has repeatedly begging her to take him home. Poor boy .....he must have been bored to death since there's nothing much a kid can do there in IB.

Anyway, I would like to take the opportunity to thank my dear frens, Ayu & Has for spending their precious time with me that nite. It has been a great rendezvous to remembered.


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