15 July 2009

Yahoo Geocities

Early this week I found out that Yahoo Geocities will be closed by October 26, 2009. Yahoo Geocities is a free web hosting service where you can upload your files there via FTP or a web interface. A few of my images & icons used in this blog of mine are uploaded in Yahoo Geocities.

The moment I heard this news, I started worrying already....where should I move all those files now. My hunting for a new free file hosting started on that very same day - juggling between valve sizing & file hosting search.....totally hard work !

Most of the websites which provides this free service does not accept .ico files. Sites like MediaFire, Savefile.com, ImageShack etc only accept jpeg, gif and png files but not .ico files. This has indeed giving me a huge problem coz some of my files are in .ico format. Tention...tention.....

After 3 days of searching & finding, I finally found this website by the name of FileDen ( www.fileden.com ) that accept .ico files. What a relief ! Now I can work in peace knowing that all my files found their new homes already. I just hope this FileDen wont end-up being like that $%#@&^&% Geocities......menyusahkan orang je !!


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