16 July 2009

Lunch @ Nando's, Pavillion

Me & Carol have been planning this since yesterday. It's Carol who's has been craving for that extra hot peri-peri Nando's chicken since last week. So, we've agreed to treat her crave today at the Pavillion outlet since it's the nearest to our office.

One thing about this outlet in Pavillion, I really like the way they've decorated the restaurant - the red paint on the wall, the ornaments, accessories & everything. It gives the place a very authentic look.....very nice inJustify Fulldeed.

As for the chicken - it's like that la....the hot, succulent & juicy chicken. Some people prefers Kenny Rogers but I found it a lil bit bland in taste. I've always opt for Nando's when it comes to chicken......suits my taste better. On top of that, the drinks are free-flow.....superb !!


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