08 July 2009

Warung Pak Ya

Watched Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan program 3 weeks ago where they've visited this one Chinese Muslim Restaurant in Kg Pandan Dalam. The owner of the restaurant, En. Yahya Abdullah is a chinese muslim guy who's also the backbone in preparing all the dishes.

There are a lot of halal chinese food here in KL but most of them are cooked by Malays which makes the food not that authentic & original anymore. Somehow or rather, it wouldnt be the same as to how it's been cooked by chinese themselves.

Knowing about this chinese muslim restaurant really excites me. I really look forward to having dinner there & get a taste of their authentic chinese food. I've done my homework in finding out the location of this restaurant last week when I went to Satay Station as both of these outlets are in the same area.

So, that nite after buying Marsya's stuff in Tesco, we both agreed to try out this Warung Pak Ya. We were there quite early. The restaurant opened @ 3 pm everyday untill 1 am in the morning. It's closed every Wednesday, fortnightly. To be on a safer side, in order not to disappoint your hunger, better dont come on Wednesday then.

I've ordered Ginger Beef Kue Tiaw & Marsya had a Char Kue Tiaw ( same jer selera anak beranak....hehehe). On top of that, I ordered Kerabu Kaki Ayam since we both loved it very much. Since there are only 3 tables occupied, the food are ready in no time - less than 10 mins. which is much to our delight.

Ginger Beef Kue Tiaw - RM6/plate

Char Kue Tiaw - RM3.50/plate

Kerabu Kaki Ayam - RM10/plate ( a bit pricey )

Now, it's time for the food review. My Ginger Beef Kue Tiaw is....okay....i mean, just okay. It's eatable.....but then I wont say that it's yummy or delicious. As for Marsya's Char Kue Tiaw, it's even worse than mine. It's a bit tasteless......I just couldnt find the exact taste of it - masin tidak, manis tidak......it's just too plain of a taste. The Kerabu Kaki Ayam however is nice.....at least there's some hope here. It's entirely different from the kerabu I used to eat at those Thai food outlets. It's different but nice.....and it's a thumb up from both of us.

In short, there's nothing to shout about on the food we've ordered. Maybe, we've ordered the wrong menu. Maybe other foods served here are much better - I hope, since there are such an extensive list of food available - ranging from seafood, fish, chicken, beef, vegetables, tofu etc. Anyway, I'm sure I'll be comjng back to try their other menu. Hopefully, my next visit will be worth while.


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