30 July 2009

New Tops @ Zara

Coming out from Carl's Junior, we stopped by at Zara - as per Carol's request. I've been to Zara a few times before but none of their clothing managed to attracts me. This time however, as i approached the store my eyes are locked to this one blue checked casual tops, It's like love at a first sight. I just cant possibly took off my eyes away from it. I love everything about the blouse - the design, the colour & the most of all - the material. So, there goes RM140 from my pocket.

Normally I would feel very bad & feeling very guilty after spending so much money just for a piece of blouse. Surprisingly, this time i just feel good about it. I'm no longer having that guilt trip in me. All I'm feeling is purely satisfaction. Well, the country are in needs or somebody like me anyway. Somebody who would invigorate the country's economic. In a way, I've just doing a favor to the country & the rakyat, generally. I can call myself a warrior....the economic warrior, that is !


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