04 July 2009

Satay Station....Finally

Remember last week, my mission to had dinner at Satay Station was un-accomplished ? Well, this week, again we're trying our luck. Went there a bit earlier than the last time - trying to avoid the crowd.

Luckily this time no private functions or birthdays being held there. The timing is just right for us where the crowd is not yet that bad. We managed to grab a seat in the house....kira the VIP seat la tu....hikhikhik.

The interior of the house is very well decorated....it was nice. There are 2 rooms & 2 sections in the house which offers 6 tables altogether. In one of the section, there's even a TV set provided. The rooms are for those who wants more privacy, i guess.

It didnt took that long for the food to arrive at our table....well, it shouldnt actually coz they only have 2 things here --> Mee Rebus and Satay. The Mee Rebus is pre-prepared, so they only have to prepare the satay then.

The Satay - RM0.75/pc + nasi impit is RM1.20

The Mee Rebus - RM6/bowl

Now the food - frankly speaking, both me & Marsya didnt like it - both the noodles & satay. The look is there but taste...is still far. Sad to say that they're still not up to my standard.....not even to a 10 year old girl's taste ! The Mee Rebus is not worth the price in terms of taste & quantity. The satay is dry & not juice at all. I dont know whether it's just my bad luck or the food quality has always been like this.

Marsya posing @ the cashier counter

The only attraction to this place is only on the uniqueness of the well decorated Malay traditional house and the "kampung" atmosphere they've created at this place. It's a makan place I wouldnt wanna go for the second time.

The JJCM plaque hanged above the counter

Moral of the story : not all the food outlets shown in the Jalan2 Cari Makan is worth a visit. Ikutkan si Maria tu, semuanya sedap....kot tak sedap pun kena buat2 jadik sedap gak...dah tentu2 makan free !!


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