18 July 2009

Baju Raya Marsya

Went to Mid Valley today with no particular reason in mind. Thought of just hanging around there, eat & have fun with my precious, Marsya. Then suddenly this thought came to my mind.....why not I shop for Marsya's baju raya? Fasting month is just a few weeks away & shopping during fasting month is always a no-no thing for me & especially for Marsya.

Apparently, I'm not the only one doing that. We went to Jusco & saw a lot of other parents buying clothes for their children too. Guess I've made a right decision this time & I'm glad I did that. Frankly, I didnt set any budget for Marsya's baju raya this year but since I didnt spend a single cent for her baju raya last year, I guess I'll spend a bit for her this time around.

So, this is what we've end up with which cost me about RM200++ ....just for 3 pairs of children clothing.....boleh tahan ye ! That gown with the cardigan - Marsya has been eying that for so long already....dah lama dia dok mengidam gaun yang camtu. I'm so happy that I finally make her that particular wish came true.

Speaking of that giwn, I have a sad & disappointing story to share. I opened up & looked at those clothes I bought one day later, only to find out that the salesgirl didnt actually removed the tag on that gown. I'm suprised the sensor didnt make a sound when we went through it.

The problem here is that....(1) Mid Valley is not that near to my place....very so inconvenient for me to travel all the way there (2) I could just go to the nearest Jusco & get it removed but unfortunately, I've thrown away the receipt. I cant just go there & ask them to remove it, cant I. They might say that I've stolen the gown instead......duhhhhhh.

So, I'm only left with one option that is to try & remove it myself. Damn it's freakingly hard. Darn hard.....ending up, I've damaged the gown.....or in other words, I've torn it. Not the whole gown but part of it la....just enuff to remove the tag. It's not that noticeable but knowing it's damaged really kills me. As it is, the gown is the most expensive ones......RM100 tuh ! Adoiiiii...geramnyerrrrr !

Moral of the story : Identify those clothes with tags & make sure the cashier removes them. otherwise you'll have severe heart-ache like me !!!


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