04 July 2009

Snatch Thief Nabbed

Last Friday evening, coming back from work I've encountered a very rare situation. It happened right in front of Pavillion, opposite Wisma Cosway, I was riding on my red scooter, when suddenly I heard people shouting, follwed by a guy running crazily across the busy street being chased by a few other guys.

Sesi belasah membelasah

Things were quite chaotic & havoc at that moment. By looking at the situation, it is obviously a snatch theft case. With the help of the busy traffic, they managed to pin down the thief. Lepas tu apalagi, gedebak gedebuk la cam citer Tamil.

I know it's not right, but somehow or rather, i felt sorry for that guy. That's always the problem with me - i have a very soft heart...semuanya kesian...semuanya tak sampai hati. That's why other people tend to take advantage out of me - including my own maid !'

The culprit

Back to the snatch thief story, he's an Indian man, about 25 - 30 years of age. He doesnt look like a crook at all - he looked just normal - which has always been the case la kan. The victim here is a mat salleh girl.

The victim

From my observation, I think this snatch theft is actually done on foot - not the usual way whereby he'll be on a motorbike. Otherwise, people wont be able to run after him like what happened here. That Indian guy must really have lots & lots of courage to do it at a tremendously buzy area like this. Either that or he's really desperate.

The crowd

Well, anyway good to know that our society still cares. One down....lots more to go !


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