10 July 2009

KLCC Skybridge

After so many years, I finally got the chance to visit the KLCC Skybridge ...ya...ya.. I know, I’m so outdated right? But it's always better to be late than never. At least when people are talking about the place I could always say- been there done that.

The "golden" ticket

The visitor's pass

I should thanked our Koreans colleague who came over for a training here in KL office. If it's not them, then I wouldnt have gotten the opportunity to visit the infamous KLCC Skybridge. A special thanks should also be given to our Consolidated colleague who's queuing up for the tickets this morning....tochei...tochei....

Our self-obsesses pic. in the 3D auditorium

The original plans is to take them out for lunch & proceed to the Skybridge right after. However, since the 1 pm tour is already fully booked, so we've end up with the 2.45 pm ones....better than nothing! Just for an info to those who has never been here, one person is only entitled to collect 5 tickets maximum & an ID of that particular person is required prior to the visit.

The visit started with a 3D presentations about the history of the twin tower. Each & everyone of us is given a 3D specs for the 7 minutes show, which actually has caused some astigmatism to my vision....sah la kampung aku ni!

After the 3D show, we have to wait for 5 - 10 mins for the security scanning before boarding the elevator. The Skybridge is at level 41 & again me being a "kampung" coz I felt a lil bit dizzy when it started moving up....hehehehe.

What's in the bag that you juz couldnt take out your hand woman????

Guess what ? We are only given a mere 10 minutes to be at the bridge - to do whatever you would wanna do there. Personally, I think it’s a bit short for the photo sessions plus to appreciate the beautiful views. 15 minutes would be a better span.

The only 2 happening girls in Dresser KL

Other than enjoying the view and taking pictures, there’s really nothing else to do up there. At the end of the visit you'll come into an exhibition kindof room where there are some information displayed about the Twin Tower.

With the Koreans girls

Tourist Information
Approximately 1,300 visitors are allowed on a 10-minute tour to the Skybridge daily. Timed tickets are given out on a first-come, first-served basis. Yes, entrance is free but is very limited. The tickets are usually all gone by lunchtime, on a weekday. On weekends the tickets get grabbed really fast.

Operational Hours
• Tuesday to Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm
• Close on Monday except public and school holidays
• Free admission
• Admission passes are available from 8:30 AM onwards

p/s : Pregnant woman is not allowed to visit the bridge


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