25 July 2009


I'm on an important mission today......going to Kampar with my family to ask from a girl's father for her hands in marriage. In B.Melayu, we called it merisik. Merisik is an event (before an engagement takes place) where both families get to know each other. During the older days, merisik is a visit to the girl's family to find out whether the girl is still available. Nowadays, merisik is a bit advanced since most of the time, the other party is already aware that the girl is not yet engaged or "booked".

The Ring

Now, a guy would only ask their parents to go & merisik the girl once both the guy & the girl agreed to get married. Anyway, this merisik is just one of the Malay cultures as far as marriage / wedding is concerned. It's just a courteous way of asking from the girls parents for her hands in marriage.....nothing more than that.

The cup cakes.....aren't them lovely ??

The cloth for the Baju Kurung

This merisik that I'm into is for my brother, Ji. So, this morning we headed to Kampar, Perak with one mission - to "book" this girl, Azwa for him. As normally done, a ring is required , as a minimum for this merisik event. We have decided to present her some other gifts besides the ring alone, i.e some nice cup cakes & a cloth (for baju kurung).

Azwa, you are booked !

Everything went very well....alhamdulillah. It has been agreed that there shall be no engagement....we'll just skip to the wedding itself which is gonna be somewhere in November this year, Insyallah.

Mission accomplished !!


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