07 December 2009

Girls Weekend Out

Dont feel like blogging today. Probably it's Monday......or the pre-fever symptoms I'm currently having right now. My throat feels as if there's a bunch of fish bones stuck in it and my eyes are burning. I surely hope I wont feel sick. Even if I will, it better be this week coz next week is too precious to get myself sick. FYI, the whole of next week my boss wont be around to bug me & thus the perfect time to be in the office. It's time to partay & I'm not gonna waste that chance being sick at home ! Not in a million years !

Anyway, I just had a wonderful weekend. I was at Lin's place over the weekend together with her lovely sister, Tipah. It was a fun weekend, I would say except for a few mishaps ( me gotten sick on Saturday & that horrible scratches on my car's spoiler......huhuhu ). All & all, I really enjoyed it so much - enjoyed the things we did & most importantly, the company.

After 3 attempts, Lin & Tipah are finally happy with the pic.

Being around the young ones makes me feel much younger. It's a really good anti-aging catalyst for both physically & emotionally. I really felt great & youthful. We did all the girlie stuff - things like cooking ( they now have 4 simple recipes to try out ), gossiping, watching movies & not forgetting, shopping. Two days felt like a mere 2 hours - time flies really fast when you're having fun !

To Lin & Tipah, thanks for having me at your place for those two wonderful days. Thanks for the company & your kind hospitality. Wished I could stay much longer but I guess, I just missed my home. One thing for sure, we'll definitely have to do this again ! Next time maybe we'll make it a bigger group - with Marsya along !


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