29 December 2009

Online Business


Honestly, I didnt do a single work at the office today. As it is, even with the presence of my boss I still find it hard to work, just imagine how disastrous the situation is now when he's not around (the whole wekk....yeeehaaaaa). On top of that, most of my other colleague around the globe are still holidaying since almost all of our factories are closed. I'm quite sure this Monday blues I'm currently having doesnt hit me alone - it's a global disease, I would say.......hehehehe.

Since the sensation of entrepreneurship is still very strong in me ( due to my involvement in the flea market biz for the past 2 days), I've dedicated myself in designing my other blog that is....... jeng...jeng....jeng..... my commercial blog. My very own virtual shopping blog.

That flea market is obviously a very good start for me to expose myself to this world of biz & building up networking. I've gained so much knowledge in such a short period of time. Thus boosting up my inner spirit to do something good to myself. Something that I really enjoyed & fond of which doesnt makes me sigh every hour like when I'm in the office. I just hope this determination is strong enuff to stay in me for as long as I live.

The idea of having this online business came from my BFF actually. Been having numerous discussions about this business plan of us for the past a month or two. But then being tied up with out own job & commitments, the idea has grinds to a halt. Nevertheless, the plan is still on & by hook or crook, it'll someday come into sight. Our online shop will eventually materialize & when that time comes, I'll be the happiest person to announce it here in my blog. Please pray for me this particular dream of mine will soon comes true. Amin.


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