10 December 2009

Wall Decoration Stickers

For the past few weeks since Marsya's not home, I've always make it a point not to arrive home so early. Being alone in the house makes me missed my princess even more. I would planned my after-work activities (which at the moment revolved around window shopping only) so that I'll only reached home after 8 pm. At least I only have less than 2 hours to hang around the house before going to bed.

Yesterday, my original plan was going to the Pasar Malam in Kg Pandan & from there, I would proceed to Ampang Point. At the Pasar Malam however, I've discovered something really interesting that I've to cancel my second destination .....jeng...jeng....jeng !

Remember my entry on Wall Tailor somewhere in July this year? Guess what? I've found something like that at the Pasar Malam, but this particular one is even better. It's called Self Adhesive Wall Decoration Sticker i.e. stickers used to decorate the wall. The best thing about this newly discovered sticker is the price. It is 5 times cheaper than Wall Tailor. Though it is China made but the quality is unbelievably good. On top of that, applying it on the wall is much, much more easier. Wall Tailor stickers kept on peeling out from the wall. It took me a few days to re-press it, making sure that it would stayed put.

This is the one that I've put at the back of Marsya's bed - Pooh & Frens

These stickers that I'm talking about only cost me 5 bucks each. There are plenty of them to choose from - you'll just have to choose the right design which suits the wall / surface you're gonna stick it to. On each sticker, there'll be a sample as to how the end result will be. But if you're creative enuff, you can just use your imagination to create your own design.

This is how Marsya's closet looks like after the "make-over" - isnt it cute?

I've spent the whole of last night decorating Marysa's room & mine too. It was so lovely ! It really enhanced the look of the walls. It totally changed the environment by injecting the cheerful aura all over the room. From a dull looking room, it has been transformed into a beauty. Simply awesome !

This is my favourite & obviously it'll go to the taukeh's room la.....hehehehe

I really, really love these stickers for their price & quality. Tried googling about it in the net but couldnt really find anything helpful. There are people selling via the net but the prices are twice more expensive. I guess I'll just have to scout around the Pasar Malam in my area to find other designs.

Cant wait to get more of it to decorate other parts of my house. You know something, my house might end up looking like a kindergarten with all those colourful stickers around. But watta heck ? It's my house & as long it looked pretty to my eyes, nobody can say anything about it !


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