16 December 2009

Shopping Story

As I'm writing this entry, the time is already 2.30 pm and I'm proudly announcing that I havent started doing any work yet. Yeah.....I've been very, very busy the whole morning. Came in already late i.e. 9.30 am. By the time I finished doing my coffee & reading my e-mails while gossiping with Carol, it's already 9.30 am - which means we've to get ready to go to the 7th floor for the Big Brands Sale.

Not that I've never been to their sale before but when none of your boss is around & it's just a few floors below you, as a normal woman you'll be so stupid for not going, isnt it? Especially for someone like me who's always into these cosmetics things, right ? So, off we go !

Most of the stuffs they have there are more or less the same old things. However, the cosmetics / make-ups are lesser this time - not as much & as interesting as before. So good news for me then. The only thing that caught my interest is this one red shiny clutch. By the way, I have been looking for a nice red clutch & looks like this place has definitely put a stop to my quest. I really love it especially the shiny surface as it makes it looks very classy......mmuahhhhh !!! Bought a Clinique mascara too for only 10 bucks !

Coming back from the 7th floor I sit for a while, looking through the things that I just bought (only 2 items, for God's sake......hahahaha ). 5 minutes later, again I've to go out. This time it's to buy food for my growling tummy - again, it's for a good cause. Nothing harmful whatsoever.

By the time I finished eating, it's already 11.30 am. Nope, still havent started with my work yet coz I'm going to KLCC with Carol next. She needs to go to ToysRus for her niece's Christmas present. Since we're already there, I thought of checking out Banana Republic. I have one Banana Republic tee which I really like the material. It feels really good on the skin - well, you got what you pay for, right?

In Banana Republic, we tried out a few tops where both of us end up falling in love with one tops each. Mine is this beautiful silky blue tops. The most beautiful thing about this top is the colour. The colour makes the top looked so outstanding & expensive. By the way, it is expensive - RM259 - way too expensive for me. Anyhoo, gotten to try it out even for a few seconds, gives me enuff satisfaction already.

This is that particular tops that I mentioned above. This pic. was taken in the fitting room where both of us have to squeeze ourselves at two different corners for a perfect shot.

Maybe next year, IF we got our bonus, we'll give them a visit again. Meanwhile, let's just settle down for other cheaper brands.


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