27 December 2009

Flea Market - 2nd Glorious Day

Today is my 2nd encounter as an amateur businesswoman at the Kelana Mall flea market. So far, it has been quite a success, I would say. Not only I managed to dispose my old junks, I gained money out of it too. Frankly, the money was reasonably good......far beyond my expectation. Syukur alhamdulillah.

A blogger-turned-entrepreneur

Put aside the RM, there are actually lots of good things derived from this new activity of mine. It's a platform to meet up all sort of people from all stages of life. I learned a lot from these people, be it my own customers or other vendors I've made friends with. In another word, I've now have my own networking which is very, very important in business line......cant believe it myself when Red Scoot starts talking about business chewahhhh !!

These 2 days are indeed very valuable & priceless experience for me. It's something I could never buy with money or learn elsewhere. The exposure I gained from this flea market is something I would treasured as one of the greatest experience in my life.

With our biggest customer for the day

I would therefore like to take this opportunity to thank CT & Yusma for inviting me to join them in these wonderful event though neither one of them have ever met me before. Thank you for having so much trust in me. Your honest & sincere intentions would always be something that I cherished for as long as I lived. Thank you dear friends !


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