30 December 2009

Storing Your Shoes

Having quite a number of shoes in my possession, a friend once asked me as to how I keep / store my shoes. Honestly, I do have my own way of doing it. My first rule is never to discard the boxes. I believe shoes will last longer if they were nicely kept in their boxes. Not only you protect them from dust (which will definitely ruin their look), keeping them in the box would also preserved their shape.

Another good thing of having them in boxes is that you could maximize your shoe cabinet by stacking the boxes on top of each other. You cant stack your shoes without the boxes, right? So remember, always keep the box. Better still if you could to stuff your shoes with some crumpled papers in order to retain their shape. This way, you can extend the lifespan of your shoes & doesnt have to spend money to buy a new pair ( yeahhhhh rightttt!! )

Frankly, with the amount of shoes I'm having, I have 2 major problems. The most critical one is obviously storage. Apparently, my shoe cabinet seems to be too small to fit all my shoes - even after stacking up the boxes on top of each other. Cant really think of any solution to fix this other than buying a bigger cabinet which would create another problem to me - limited space in my lil' apartment. So, getting a new cabinet is a complete no-no. At the moment I'll just have to make do with stacking up the boxes by the side of the shoe cabinet - I mean, outside of it.

Another problem is in the morning while getting ready to work. With all those boxes in front of my eyes, it's quite challenging to try & remember which shoe is stored in which box. Mind you, we're talking about 10 - 15 boxes here which my old brain cant seems to be that sharp anymore. I've always end up opening 1- 2 wrong boxes before getting the right ones.

Thankfully, I've discovered a smarter way of fixing this problem. What I did is took a picture of each shoe, print them out & stick those pics on their respective boxes. This way, you would never go wrong anymore- not unless you have a terribly bad eye sight !

If anyone of you readers have a better idea, do share it with me. Sharing is caring !


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