26 December 2009

Flea Market - 1st Encounter

As planned earlier, my flea market biz. ( chewahhh ) was executed today....this morning to be exact. By 9.00 am myself, CT & Yusma were already there at Kelana Mall, setting up our so-called booth. Frankly, there's no booth being provided my the management - just a 8 x 7 feet space by the entrance walkaway of the mall. Well at least we dont have to invest on a canopy to shelter us from the sun & rain.

CT & Yusma in action

I was kindof excited since this is the first time I ever got myself involved in such an activity. All these years, I'm always fond of flea market & surprisingly, I'm now part of it. It's fun being at a flea market. The things you could find at flea markets can be quite interesting sometimes. Things you cant never get in shops locally & the prices are incredibly low. That's the best part of it !

A blogger-turn-entrepreneur with her fan, CT.......fewitttt

By 10.00 am our stall is ready to welcome their customers. Kak Jay happened to be our first customer. We love her so very much since she spent RM55 at our stall. Most of her purchases came from Marsya's old story books. Those books have been in my possession for at least 5 - 6 years & I really dunno what to do with them. I cant just throw them away since they are all still in good conditions. That's why I'm so delighted & blessed when CT asked me to join her in this flea market. Now I have a way...... a smarter way to dispose all my junks.

Kak Jay - our very first customer

After Kak Jay, we've been visited by an Indian family. Through them, my handbag & Marsya's backpack were sold. Tak sia-sia akak basuh backpack Marsya tu malam tadi.....hehehehe. As I'm writing this entry, it's already 2 pm & those two were our only customers so far...... huhuhu.

Akak control cun nampakkkk......

Kelana Mall has been opened to public for 2 - 3 years it seems. However, most of the shop lots are occupied by offices. That explained the emptiness of the mall during weekends like this. But then, it's okay - I wont give-up for such a small obstacles like this. Morever this is the first time the mall is having a flea market & they're hoping it'll end up being like the one in Amcorp Mall. Therefore, for an introduction, only 8 stalls were opened.

My business partner, Ain......thanks for your support gal. Appreciate it very much !

Hopefully, we will someday be as established and as popular as Amcorp Mall. When that day arrives, I can quit my job & expand my business. Hehehe.....looks like I'm already counting my chicks even before the eggs started to hatch. But then, what is a life without a dream. Dreams are like the paints of a great artist. Our dreams are our paints & the world is our canvas. Believing is the brush that converts the dreams into a masterpiece of a reality. So, start dreaming fellas !!!


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