23 December 2009

Flea Market @ Kelana Mall

Kelana Mall is organizing an indoor flea market which will be held this coming weekend, 26th & 27th December 2009. Among the things that will be sold are clothing, shoes, accessories, books, toys, antiques, bags etc. All these stuffs are not limited to new items only coz second hand items are also available. That's what flea market are all about - selling off your second hand stuffs at a very cheap price.

A friend of mine told me about this flea market a few days ago since I am a big fan of flea market. Hearing that she's gonna open up a booth there, I got really excited & offered myself to help her out. Well, I'm sure her booth needs a happening lady like me to cheer the environment up.......hehehehe.

So, this weekend Red Scoot's gonna heat up the Kelana Mall flea market. If you wanna feel the heat too, come and join me there. The more the merrier !

( Click on picture for a bigger view )


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