15 December 2009

Oopppsss........sorryyyy !!!!

Remember somewhere last week I blog about this Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream? Well, apparently I need to apologize to Olay & or maybe some of my confused readers about those accusations made on their product.

I realized that it's the cream that created those rashes on my face. It's the mask I used before applying the cream which started all the havoc. Carol was telling me about this one mask she bought in Guardian which happen to be quite good. It was the Montagne Jeunesse brand where the have quite a wide range of masks not only for the face but also for feet & hair as well. Price wise, they are very, very cheap & affordable.

The particular mask that Carol was telling me about is called the Fudge Sauna which supposedly opens pores & deep cleanses, leaving the skin so clean that it'll glows. Sounds pretty interesting, isnt it? When it comes to beauty product, I'm a person who can easily get influenced especially when it comes from somebody I trusted.

However, the one little thing that I failed to remember is that my skin is kindof the sensitive type ~sigh~. Upon hearing the good recommendation from Carol, I cant stop myself to go & grab a piece of it. At Guardian, there's one special rack to display all the product range for this brand which really makes me excited looking at all of them. That's when disaster strikes la.

While going through the so many choices available, I saw the anti-aging range. That's when I've decided to try the Micro-Dermabrasion Face Mask instead of the Fudge Sauna as planned earlier. Gatal sangat kan...so padan la muka !

I noticed this tiny bit of pain when I applied the mask to my face which I thought is the normal effect of the mask. What actually happen is that the mask has aggravated my skin & the cream applied thereafter has made it worse. So, it's so unfair for me to put the blame on the cream.

For the past few days, I've been using the Micro-Sculpting cream with not a single problem. In fact I'm kindof loving it as it leaves a smooth & supple effect to my skin. If it's not because of the price, I dont think I would consider re-trying it. I guess that 's the blessing from burning a hole in my pocket to buy the cream.


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