11 December 2009

Come & Meet Santa

Carol, Hajar & myself went to Pavilion during lunch time today with only one vision in our heads that is meeting up Santa. Remember my entry a few days ago about the happenings in Pavilion? So we were there for the photo session with Santa. All three of us were very excited - I mean, I would understand it very well if it's Carol but by the look at it, me & Hajar are even more excited. Hajar just cant stop saying " Ho..Ho...Ho...Merry Christmas" and me, I just love singing the Christmas song.....we wish you a Merry Christmas...we wish you a Merry Christmas......la la la la.

The venue is at the Bukit Bintang entrance on Level 3. The first thing to do is to purchase the ticket which is RM 10 each. For those who has the Eon Credit Card ( like me !!! ), you'll get the ticket for free ( 1 ticket per card )....yippieee !!! Together with the ticket, you'll be getting a RM10 Miss T gift voucher too.

While queuing up, we noticed that we are the only adults presence. Others are all kids & babies. Carol then was feeling so embarrassed & somehow becomes reluctant to proceed. Hajar & me were so excited to even feel a slight of embarrassment....hehehehe. Since we're there early, the queue is not too bad. We only have to wait for about 10 minutes before we've been called to the sleigh.

The overly excited mums !

Rather than taking the picture one by one, we've decided to do it at one shot. Meaning that all 3 of us with Santa at one time. I'm sure Mr. Santa himself has to hide his excitement being surrounded by 3 happening & gorgeous ladies ! Our photos however will only be ready after two hours. Since I've always carry my camera wherever I go, I've asked one of the staff there to help out with the photo taking.

Ho...Ho....Ho.....Merry Christmas !!!

After the photo shoot, with a semi-thick face I've asked for my present from Santa. Unfortunately according to him, the present is only for the kids. But then I think he felt bad coz I specifically asked for it & for the sake of Christmas, he just reached his hand into his sack & handed one to me.... yayyyy !!! My first ever present from Santa himself !!!

According to Carol, as a tradition I've to wait till Christmas then only I could unwrap the present. But, hey....it's another 2 more weeks & I dont think I have the patience to wait that long. Anyway, since I'm not celebrating I guess that rules doesnt really applies to me kan? So, this is what I got : the Pumpkin Patch goodies which consist of a notebook, stickers & 10% discount voucher. Seronok nyerrrrr !!!!


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