20 December 2009

City of Angels

Yup...another movie it is. I had a movie marathon during this long weekend since there are at least 20 movies awaiting for me for the past 6 months or so. One thing with me is that I cant really sit in front of the TV for hours like some people do. The most would be 3 hours - more than that I would start having this uncomfortable feeling slowly building up in my system. I suddenly feeling fatigue la.....headache la ..... this la.....that la.... and 1001 other reasons that prohibited me from continue watching. That's why TV is never in my favourite list.

This week, I'm trying to go against all odds. Trying to finish as much movies as I could. So far, success is nothing near.....hehehehe. After watching one movie, there's always something that came across my mind that strayed me away from the TV set - it's either I'm feeling hungry, sleepy or as simple as browsing for new recipes. My best achievement so far is 2 movies in a day - one in the morning & another at night of which I'm quite proud of.

This morning I was watching this old movie titled City of Angels. I know....I'm way behind time. So behind coz it is a 1998 movie - 11 years ago & only now I gotta watch it. One thing I like about this movie is it's soundtracks. They are all so good & my fave would be Angel & Iris. Angel is for it's soothing melody & Iris for it's beautiful lyrics.

I dont think I need to tell what's the story all about coz I might be the only living thing on the globe who had just watched it this morning. All & all, it was a pleasant movie to watch. Illogical but rather sweet. I cried though - not the part when Maggie died but the part when she had to break the news of the death of her patient to his family. It was quite tragic, I would say.

As for Nicholas Cage being the Angel, I dont think they did a good casting by selecting him. I cant see the peacefulness & calmness in his eyes ( that's how I supposed an angel eyes should be ). He failed to project the serene aura around him. One thing for sure is that, he's one depressed angel. I dunno but I might be biased here since I dun really fancy this guy.

Anyway, I still enjoyed the movie. A light romantic movie like this one could never bored me. This movie somehow reminded me of another one acted by Meg Ryan too - Sleepless in Seattle which I havent watched it too...... I know....I know..... you can call me outdated. Should check out on that one too !

Just wanna quote my fave line for this movie : I would rather have had one breath of her hair, one kiss of her mouth, one touch of her hand than an eternity without it.

Uwaaaaa........so romantic one !!!!!


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