09 December 2009

Olay Regenerist MIcro-Sculpting Cream

Being expensive is not a guarantee to a good quality. I've learned my lesson well this time. I've heard of this statement a couple million of times before but when it comes to skincare product, I just couldnt make myself agreeing to it. I've always feel that the more expensive it is, the better the result will be. Today, I was proven wrong.

Being a beauty concerned person, in a quest for the perfect skin I've tried so many skincare products - both cheap & expensive. To be honest, I dont really have any major problems with my skin except for a few dots of freckles (which I've had for as long as I live) and those ugly large pores, which doesnt seems to shrink regardless what product I've used ~ sigh ~

For the past few years, I've been using Olay Total Effect skincare set & it suited my skin quite well. Then early this year, I was so gatal to try out other product which is Mary Kay. It's like 10 times more expensive than Olay, obviously. But then due to good recommendation from my sister, I thought watta heck....just try it out la !

Apparently, the result was not as I expect it to be. After a few weeks using it, I got few small pimples coming out on my face. That is still okay......the worse part is when the big ones also came out. As far as pimple is concerned, size does matter ! I was so freaked out. Even when my hormones are very2 active during my teenage years, I'd never had such a big pimple on my face. This time however, it's like continuously - one after another ! So, obviously Mary Kay is a no-no !

Then still not getting the message, I tried another product which is not much difference in pricing as compared to Mary Kay - thinking that expensive items are good in quality. This time, I tried Clinique - the Derma White range ( as recommended by the beauty consultant due to the presence of freckles on my face). After 6 months, there's not much of a difference to the texture of my skin - those small pimples are still there though (unlike before when I was using Olay ).

Then while blog hopping, I came to know that Olay has just introduced a new cream to the Regenerist line which is the Micro-Sculpting Cream. This cream is supposed to give you a younger looking skin. In one of the studies done on this cream, Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream was proven to hydrate skin cells better than several leading "super-creams" and outperform a leading prestige super cream in a blind test with over 200 women.

Reading all the good reviews on how wonderful this cream is, I got very excited & straight away bought the cream. Mind you, it's not cheap ok - it's 89 bucks, for God's sake! When I first applied the cream, it gives a burning effect on my skin. At that moment, I already have this bad feeling in me. But then, I said to myself - let's give it another chance. The second day - the burning effect is still there. Not only that, my face suddenly becomes very itchy. Then there's red spots appeared on my face which looks like a rash & it has a very rough texture.

Aiyoooo...me so panicked already. I dont mind if this happen on my backside or other parts of my body but it's my face that I'm talking about now. As my mom used to tell me, the face is the station. It's the face where people would first laid their eyes at. Don't play-play arrrr.....

I guess I just have to stick to Olay Total Effect and stop being adventurers for the consequences might be painful. I really, really hope these rashes will go off soon & wont stay permanently. I only have myself to be blamed if it doesnt go off.......uwaaaaa. And as I'm writing this entry, I'm trying very, very hard to restrain my fingers from scratching my face....so gatal.....huhuhu !


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