29 November 2009

2 in 1 Celebration

My busy schedule continued till this week. The day before yesterday was Hari Raya Haji & as usual I celebrated it with my family in Kuantan. Being in the monsoon season, it has been raining all day yesterday, as well as today. I've always love this part of the year. It's like winter where all you wanna do is lie on the bed & snuggle under the blanket all day long.

This time however, I cant afford to do so - what a waste kan?. I was terribly busy the moment I opened my eyes early this morning. Today is the most memorable & perhaps the happiest day for both my brother & sister. It's the day my sister got engaged & my brother's second wedding reception. We've decided to make it a double celebration - save time & more importantly, save cost.

Since I've written enuff story on my brother's wedding in few of my previous entries, so it's now my sister's turn la pulak. For this entry, I'm just gonna show the pics for the hantaran. which are more or less the same as the one I did for my brother's wedding the other day. The only thing different is the theme colour. Before it was green, now it's silver.

The arrangement of the flowers & items are very much similar. Since this is the second time I'm doing it, so the headache is much lesser. As mentioned in my previous entry, the bunga dulang used for all these hantaran are not made by myself. I bought them from the internet.

Those who are interested, can contact Kak Patimah at Emamin. They provides all kind of bunga dulang and other wedding accessories.


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