13 November 2009

Funny Pool Signboard

I've missed out this issue in my earlier entry. This is the signboard that has been placed by the pool, which attracts lots of attention from everybody. There's nothing wrong with the physical look of the signboard actually....it looked as normal as other signboard you've ever bumped into.

This particular one is interesting because of what they've put on it. Which people would wanna put on their sari / kebaya / jubah & have a swim in the pool ? People can sometimes be very un-reasonable or perhaps should I say, illogical ( am trying very hard not to use the word "stupid" here ).

I dont think people would be stupid enough to be in those attires & soaked them wet in the chlorinated water, isnt it? Let's make up a theory here la for the sake of the Thistle management : maybe the board is quite big & they just want to occupy every inch of it that they have to include all those irrelevant attires in. Like how the saying goes : the more the merrier !


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