04 November 2009

It's Panic Attack !

My boss came to me late yesterday evening. Guess what he asked me? I, myself cant believe my own ears when he asked me about blogging. He practically asked me how to blog. Which blog platform is better - Blogger or Wordpress. Things like that la.

Dunno whether this is a good sign or time to panic. Him asking me about blogging would comes up to a few conclusion. He either heard from my other colleagues that I'm an active blogger or jeng...jeng...jeng...... he saw me blogging during office hours, which certainly does not look good in me....huhuhuhu.

Anyway, what's done is done, right. It's not that I didnt get my job done or I've missed any datelines kan? Looking at the bright side, it resembles how efficient I am having to excel in both fields - career & leisure. Wow, that really makes me look cool, isnt it?

Now that he has his own blog too, I'd better prepare for the worst. He might ask for my blog's url address - highly possible. So, from now on no more bitching & cursing my boss - very, very dangerous lorrr. I cant be pouring sand into my own rice bowl ! One more important thing before I forget is to set up the privacy clause to those provocative entries I've posted before on him...... hehehehe.

Anyway, I seriously hope he wouldnt be interested in my blog. Then it would be very difficult for me to fake my own MC or to fake my non-existence relative's death for an easy EL ( adusss..... hina nya aku ! ).


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