03 November 2009

Am I Old Or Just Plain Careless?

Before I continue further, nope Carol....you are not allowed to answer the question. Period. So, you can just keep that sarcastic reply to yourself, ok dear friend. Hehehehe.......

This morning, while getting ready to work I was frantically looking my purse. Been searching high & low for it. Checked every corner of the house.......my room, my brother's room, the kitchen, living and even in the toilet. After I'm convinced that it's not in the house, I already knew where I left it.

As expected, I'm totally right ! I left it in my bike last evening after coming back from work. And how did I know it's there? Coz, it's not the 1st time it happened. Did the same thing before. Left the purse all night long in my bike at he parking lot. Luckily my purse is black in colour that it camouflaged with the bike's basket. Losing the money is still okay...it's the hassles of reporting those missing important documents that kills.

Knowing all these I could still make the same foolish mistake over & over again kan? I should be more careful next time. Gotta be extra careful! This is not the only stupid thing I've done so far. Once, I've left my bike's key still hanging out from the keyhole ! Just a month ago, I woke up the next morning in a horror. Why? Because I left my house keys hanging at the outside of the house. Meaning that anybody who passed by could easily spotted the keys unless they are too drunk or blind.

I'm so lucky I'm still alive & breathing right now. But then, one cant be that lucky all the time right. So, I'd better keep reminding myself to be extra careful. To always remind myself to check the doors before going to bed every night. To always check my bike's basket before leaving it. To make sure I wouldnt leave my house keys at the pigeon hole again. Goshhh......I'm that critical, huh.

Ya Allah, please protect me & my daughter from any harm as you normally do. Amin.


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