18 November 2009

Hari Anugerah Cemerlang 2009

It's Hari Anugerah Cemerlang at SK Sri Bintang Utara today. During my time, it was known as Hari Penyampaian Hadiah instead. It's the day of recognition for those who've worked hard throughout the year.

Along with other students, most of the time I would be spotted on the stage too. Well, me being on the stage not to receive the cert. / plaque from the Principal but as usual, to perform. Me & my Jornam gang are like the celebrities of Methodist Girls School Kuantan. For any events, be it Persatuan BM, English Club, Teachers Day etc it would always be us on the stage performing.

Marsya's waiting nervously for her name to be called

It's not that we are so talented ( except for Azizah the Diva ) but the responsibility just fall on us since we're so used to do it. It's something like a de facto task for us. It is a common understanding among our classmates & teacher that the responsible will be on our back whenever the needs arise. Anyway, it was a very good experience and lots of fun too. Well, those were the days.....

That's my girl !

Today, it's my Marsya's turn to be on stage - for a better reason of course. She got no. 2 for her final exam recently. During my school-times, looking at those bright students on the stage makes me wonder how would it feel to be one of them. Now when my own daughter is standing there on the stage, somehow or rather I could feel a dash of proud & pride building up in me - though I'm not actually in the right position to be having that feeling.

The proud mummy !

Anyway, congrats my dear Marsya. You've done it again. You've certainly make your mummy very proud of you. I am so happy for you dear. Last year no. 3....this year no. 2....can I say next year...no. 1 ? Hehehehe.......insyallah.

p/s Just find out that Azizah's nephew Qayyum got the 1st place in his class. Well done Qayyum ( & Zizah too). Keep up the good work boy !


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