13 November 2009

Thistle - The Room

The Malaysian latex mattress

Clean, warm & cozy. That's how I would describe the room - in short. The room is quite spacious with a cozy day-bed by the window, plus the 32" LCD TV. The usual tea / coffee facilities are also there. The only thing amiss is the Milo sachets, which most hotels wont be providing anyway.

The 32" LCD TV

In addition to all those facilities, there also tags promoting the Malaysian latex mattress which my room mate, Carol got it mixed up with "condom".....hahaha. But honestly, cant really blame her as the description detailed on the tag suits the condom very well.

The cozy day-bed - ideal for reading !

I could also see the Internet connection provided, but yeah right.. as if I'd pack my laptop for a weekend getaway ! So, no comments on the connection speed whatsoever !

The unique toiletries bottles

We're lucky for being given the sea-view room as we got to watch the lovely sunsets and a view of the pool too. Not only the pool, the sea can also be viewed from the balcony of our room. A beautiful & breathtaking view indeed !

The balcony


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