09 November 2009

Mourning Monday


What do you think of this watch? Nice kan? Very nice indeed. FYI, it's a DKNY watch & the price is about RM500. Well, good things doesnt comes cheap kan. The best thing is, it's mine.....yup it is my watch. The sad thing however.....it WAS my mine.......huhuhuhu. crying

Lost it this morning on my way to work….uwaaaa. Still cant get it over with. I was on my bike when it happened. Tengah2 sedap merempit nih……suddenly, I felt something fell off on my lap. I was like, “hmmm….what the hell was that?”.

Only a few moments later, I realized that it was my DKNY watch coz my wrist felt so bare & empty. But then, it’s already too late to rescue it. I was on a fast speed & it was on the main road where hundreds of vehicles passed by every seconds. Even if I managed to grab hold of it, I’m sure it wont look as it supposed to be anymore. I just have to accept the fact that it’s gone lah. Sedihnyer….sob…sob.

Ironically, this kindof things only happened to expensive watches. That day, I was wearing my Balenciaga watch & the same thing happened – but luckily I was stopping at the red light & managed to grab it before it fell on to the road. The same thing never occurred when I put on those cheap pasar malam watches…..sigh.

Normally, I would always change my watch once in a few days time – trying to match it with my attire. But for the past 2 months or so, I was feeling very malas to put back that particular watch in its box & took out a different one to put on. That’s why they said, there’s always a reason for anything. Apparently, this is the reason why I’ve been so lazy to change the watch. Dah takde rezeki kan…..huhuhu.

Let’s take it from the bright side. Now, I have a reason to scout for a new branded watch…….jeng…jeng…..jeng. And at least, I have something to blog about for my today’s entry.


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