03 November 2009

Birthday Battle

As usual when Ain is around, the three of us, me, Ija & Ain would meet up for breakfast. I'm taking the opportunity to hand them their birthday gifts - Ain's is on the 18th & Ija's on the 28th. Bought them a nice & chic jewelry box & mirror set.

Didnt they looked like sisters?

There are two colours - blue & red. Apparently one of it (which is the blue ones) does not have the matching colours. So, I've wrapped both using the same wrapper & asked them to just pick one each. The lucky ones will end up with the red ones, of course.

Seconds before disaster strikes.....

Turned out Ija is the lucky ones......but not for long. Too bad......huhuhu. Ain has actually "exchanged" hers with Ija's in a not so diplomatic way. After seeing Ija's, Ain becomes envious & try to take Ija's present from her. There a child in every adult's body & today, both of them have proven it right. They were just like kids - Ija trying very hard to defend her property & Ain at the same trying to take it away from her ! All I can do is watched in awe.

Now they no more looked like sisters.......more of a monsters !

To Ija, my condolences for your loss. To Ain, should I be congratulating you? Hehehhe......uyou have your own justifications for doing so though....so, congrats for the winning. To me, never ever buy something that could create such a disaster......neverrrrr !

Ain's winning grin & Ija's sulking face


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