13 November 2009

Day 1 - The Telematch

Upon arriving at the hotel, we proceeded to the field which is located just by the sea. Since it's not yet time for check-in, we started the day with the Telematch games.

All of us have been divided into 4 groups with 6 persons for each group. Four different colours have been assigned for each group that is Blue ( my group ), Green, Pink & Red. Apparently, my group end up having all the XL sized person except for one tiny girl, Lee Hung. It's both pros & cons actually, depending on the game we are playing.

The warming-out session

Before we started with the games, as a norm, stretching is required. I dont know about others but all of my joints & muscles ( like there's any ! ) are a bit rusty I could here them clucking during the warm-out session.....hehehehe. The last time I ever exercised is about 2 months ago i.e. before puasa. Starting from the break I took (in conjunction with Ramadhan ) till now, seems that the break has become into a long sabbatical leave.....hahahaha!

The Romantic Ball

There are altogether 5 exciting telematch games : Romantic Ball Relay, Dadu Dice, Drunken Monkey, Captured Bomb & Tug of War being the last one. We really had fun with all the games. It is very exhilarating for an adults to be given a chance to be kids again ! We were like laughing, mocking & teasing each other.

The Dadu Dice

My favourite game would be the Captured Bomb....not because of the nature of the game coz it's just one simple game. The task is to collect the most water-filled ballons. The fun part would only come later which is after the game where everybody started throwing those balloons to each other. Macam mandi sampat la pulak !

By this time I'm halfway through being the drunken monkey

The last game is the Tug of War - the hardest among the fives. This is when our sizes becomes handy....hehehe. As expected, we won this game. It was quite an easy one actually ( cehhh.... berlagak la pulak ) especially the final round between the Green team. It appears that they've drained up from the first round game against the Red team which is a very tough one, I would say. So, it's just our luck la then !


Overall, my team got the first place for the Telematch session.....yippie !!!!


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