04 November 2009

Ain.....So Sorry !!!

Sorry, sorry and millions of sorry. That's the only thing I could say to Ain yesterday evening when I find out that the tickets for the Cuci theater has been sold out. Uwaaaa........didnt expect this to happen pun. Walking through that guilt path really kills. Cant stop but to feel bad about it all nite.

Ain & myself have been planning this for weeks that we're gonna go & watch this Cuci show. Since her hubby would only leave for Brazil this week, this weekend is the only time left. Reason being the 8th November is Cuci's final show.

I've been checking up on the tickets since last month actually. This is not the first time I ever watched theater @ Istana Budaya but for this particular show I didnt know why is the seating being pre-assigned. Meaning that you wont have the luxury to select your own desired seat. I wouldnt have mind it if the tickets I'm buying cost me 50 bucks only. One thing with live performance, I'd rather not go if I were to sit 100 metres away from the stage. Call me lansi or whatever but I just dont see a point of doing so. Might as well I just stayed home & watched the TV instead. At least I dont have to strain my big eyes to have a good look at the performers, huh.

So, was planning to get the RM150+ worth of ticket for the show lah. You see, having to pay that much obviously you would expect a good seat, right. As mentioned earlier, the seats for this particular show has been pre-assigned. So, I was waiting for the right timing to get the best seats la konon.

For the past 3-4 weeks at least, every freakin' day I logged in to Axcess Ticket's website to check on the seating availability. As of yesterday morning, I'm quite closed to the desired seats. I thought by evening, I would be able to finally booked those tickets lah. At that tine there are still plenty of seats left.

Later in the evening, the mishap occurred. No more seats were available for the Saturday show. My sweat glands suddenly becomes hyperactive & starts producing an extra amount of sweats all over my body. I was practically sweating in an air-conditioned room. My heart was racing as if I've just ran up the stairs to the 10th floor. I panicked big time !

I was like thinking how on earth am I gonna face Ain. Only this morning she told me how excited she was to watch the show. She've been bragging to everybody in her family about it. How can I not be panic, right? Do or die, I still need to confront her......urggghhhh.

With the sweetest & softest voice ever being projected, I called her out & told her what happened. Huhuhu.....obviously she's very upset. Listening to her disappointed voice makes me wanna jump out from the building. The guilt really kills.

Again Ain, I'm truly sorry for what has happened. It's entirely my fault ( though part of it is Axcess Ticket's fault ) for being greedy in a sought for perfections. I've learned my lesson well. I'll be the first person to buy the tickets for any future show we're gonna watch - that's my promise. Only one thing I need from you that is your sincere apology. Please.......


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