03 November 2009

VIP Gift From The VP

I baked a carrot cake on Sunday & brought to the office yesterday. Gave most of my colleagues a piece each including Eric, my company's Vice President. It doesnt crossed my mind to include him in my list but Carol insisted that I should. I dont feel comfortable doing it in fear that people would say that I'm trying to suck up to him. But then, like Carol said that's nothing as compared to some people who just cant stop licking his ass off every freakin day.

The cake that earns me a cookbook

Well, it turns out that he loved the cake. Eric dropped by at my workstation this morning & asked who baked the cake as he likes it so much. So, I just told him ( with a lil sense of pride la, of course) that I baked it myself . Carol then told him that I loved to cook very much.

That's when he told me that he's gonna give me his wife's cookbook ( yes, his wife has a cookbook of her own). Shortly after, he came back with the book in his hand. What more can I say or do......just one big smile on my face.......ear to ear.

The book called Family To Fabulous which consists of everyday family meals recipes. Healthy ( hhmm.....how come Eric does not look that fit then ? Confuse....confuse.... ) and simple recipes transformed into casual or special occasion entertaining.

From the bottom of my heart, many, many thanks to Mr. VP for his generosity. I'm sure I'll bake him more cakes in return for a fat bonus or increment maybe. Yeahhhhh...in my dreams !!!


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