10 November 2009

Showing Off My New Tops

That's me alright ! Showing off my new Ms. Read tops which I bought in Pavillion last week. Been wanting to wear it since last week....but since I do not have the matching tudung yet, I've no choice but to put the idea on hold for a while.

I've been hunting for a nice tops since last month itself but havent been a success. Been to almost all clothing store around - Marks & Spencer, Gap, Isetan, Parkson, Zara, you name it but nothing actually caught my interest. Everything seems to be too normal & common to my eyes. Marks & Spencer do have some nice tops though but the price would burn a big hole in my pocket. RM200 is the border line - anything beyond that is already off limits & considered splurging. Splurging for me can only be allowed for a very, very special occasions, which so far has never yet occurred......hehehehe.

Didnt plan to shop at Ms Read actually. It so happen that we passed by the outlet & decided to have a sneak at their collections. Frankly, I'm never a fan of Ms Read clothings before. Their design are a bit too auntie-auntie for me thus never sparks my interest to even check out their collections. That particular day however changed my perception towards their line of clothings. They have actually injected a new life to their designs. They now have a prevailing & fancy designs in their store. I was make known by the salesgirl that the Pavilion outlet is the largest in town. That explains the extensive collections they have there. By the way, I bought 2 gorgeous tops that day.....huhuhu. What more can I say....I'm just a normal human being with this thing called desires, which can sometimes be out of control.

Anyway, one thing about good, expensive tops is that it'll make you feel really great putting it on. You knew you'll look impressive in it & thus giving you an extra boost of confidence. And I so love that feeling in me when I'm using one. I'll be smiling all the way, radiating the cheerful spirit all over. It's the most effective cure when you're feeling a bit down / blue.

I'm sorry if my entry today is a bit too full of myself. A self obsessed posting that is......hehehe. Tapi bukan selalu kan? So, please bear with me just this once (for now). Those who cant tahan anymore......well, your constructive comments are always welcomed. And I said "constructive" - not rude, ok. Have some pride on yourself. Why be stupid when you can be otherwise.


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