20 November 2009

Wedding Story - The Hantaran

Before I proceed, let me warn you readers in advance.....for the next few entries, it'll only be stories of my bro.'s wedding - nothing else but that. Imagine if it's my own....you'll be puking yourself out reading them. All those self obsessed stories of me & my wedding.....wallauweh ! God is really great & he knows well what's best for everybody.

The Baju Kurung + Tudung

In this entry, I'm gonna share the hantaran I've prepared for the wedding. Being the only talented & artistic person in the family ( ehemmm....), this task would always be mine for any weddings in the family. Ironically, I didnt do a single thing to all the hantaran of my own wedding - mainly becoz it's the unwanted wedding for me.....zapppp.... subject closed. Let's not steal the limelight from my bro.'s wedding story, okay !

The watch

All these hantaran, though it has my personal touch but I cant claim the credit 100%. Hantaran are much more simpler nowadays. It evolved tremendously for the past 10 - 15 years. Those days, the origami kindof hantaran were very popular where towels will be folded into turtles, telekung into a mosque & other variety of buildings or animals you could ever imagine. The more creative you are, the more complicated the outcome will be.

The handbag

I'm lucky to be in this era as I'm not that good in transforming things to become living things. I'm also very thankful for the development of the IT world for providing lots of info just at the tips of my fingers. With all the information I could gather from the internet, I've managed to create the somewhat simple but nice hantaran for my brother.

The Sireh Junjung - imported all the way from Kuantan

It's nothing much from my own creativity. Just some final touch here & there. Most of the decorative flowers are bought as it is. All I need to do is to figure out the best arrangements for the flowers & the gifts. The only thing that I could claim the credit for is the alas dulang.

The perfume & make-up

Initially, the trays & their covers are on loan from Ija ( thanks so much Ija ! ). For my sister's engagement next week, we planned to use the same covers but unfortunately the colour dont match with her chosen theme colour. So, we resorted in making new covers that could be use for both occasions.

The decorations for the tray covers.....so sweet kan?

The outcome is really awesome. Those covers look really great - with the butterfly, silver dangling ornaments plus the black silverish ribbons makes the whole thing looks really sweet. I am very proud of myself and I'm so happy for both my brother & sister. And to my mum, thanks a lot for helping me with the sewing work. Without your help, I might not be able to get enough sleep that night.


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