20 November 2009

Wedding Story - The Akad Nikah

Aku terima nikahnya.......

The 2nd part of this wedding story would be the Akad Nikah ceremony. This ceremony is being held on Friday night at the bride's home in Kampar, Perak. The original plan is to took off as early as possible & stopped by at Bidor for breakfast. But then, we human can only plan..... We end up leaving KL at approximately 11 am.

Lord of The Ring

I took the Duke highway for a faster route. Upon reaching Sg. Buloh, my mum rang up from my sister's car asking me about the Sireh Junjung. Apparently, we have accidentally left the Sireh Junjung behind......ouchhhh. Since I am the fastest driver, I have no choice but to turn back & fetch the thing. Such a bad beginning for the journey.


We reached Kampar at somewhere around 2 pm. Stopped by at the bride's house for lunch & proceeded to check in at Regal Hotel in Kampar town. It was quite a nice hotel for a 2-star rating as far as the room is concerned. The room & toilet were tidy & clean plus it's not that cramped up too.

Did I just smell curry?

The Akad Nikah ceremony is scheduled to be after Isyak. We have to wait for approximately 30 minutes for the Tok Kadi which gives me the chance to snap a few pictures of my brother & her wife to be.

The now happy couple

The ceremony went very well & smooth. My brother only needs to recite the akad once - good for him. My other brother felt a bit inferior as he needs to recite it twice during his time....hehehe. Sorry Jack...luck is just not on your side !


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