29 November 2009

Stupid Engagement Rules

The ceremony started @ 10 am in the morning where the guy's family came over with the hantarans - 7 altogether. Those who didnt know ( especially my readers from other parts of the world....chewahhh), the number of wedding gifts a.k.a hantaran should always be in odd numbers & the girl's portion is always more. Meaning that, if the guy gave 5, the girl should give 7 gifts in return. Duhhhhhh.......dont ask me why for I am as pissed. A total discrimination kan?

Speaking of discrimination, I'll impress you with more. I'm sure some of you might have heard this before. It's quite a standard rules among the Malays as far as engagement is concerned. This has also been highlighted by the guy's spokesperson during my sister's engagement ceremony. One stupid f**king so called rule.

Brace yourself for this......should the girl decided to break the engagement, she has to be sort of fined for that. The fine would be in terms of doubling the amount of gifts received during the engagement ceremony. Let's say she got one ring on that day, so as a fine she needs to give back 2 rings instead. Isnt that silly? Wait...this is not yet the best part.

On the other hand, if it's coming from the guy.....nothing will happen. Yeah, you've got it right. No fine..... no nothing. He could just happily walk away with his new girl. Bloody crappy, isnt it? I was so close to object to this stupid rules when they were talking about it that day. If it's not because of my parents, I would definitely voice out my dissatisfaction already. Total bullshit lah !

Anyway, let's just hope everything went well between both of them. Let's pray for their togetherness & happiness. Otherwise things can be pretty ugly - that I can foresee coming from my side. I can be as evil as one cant even imagine !


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