10 November 2009

Marsya's Sick

My precious is down with fever. Poor girl.....sob....sob. She didnt say a word about being sick not until I asked her to eat her breakfast. She was sitting at the table staring at the food. No appetite, she said. Then I tried to talk her into eating at least a few bites of the Nasi Impit Goreng I prepared for her this morning. Then she suddenly starts crying which leaves me so confused. This is like crying out of the blue - without me having to raise my voice yet.

The thing is, she just kept on crying without telling me what actually happen. I have to ask her so many times till to the point that my blood nearly reaches its boiling point already. I told her that whatever problem she's having now, it cant be solved by crying. Then only she told me that she's actually not feeling well. Duhhhhh !!!!!

So, that's it la. Gave her PCM & Vit. C and asked her to lie down. I hope it's just a normal fever. She has a camping trip this weekend & it worries her so much she might not get well by then. Let us hope for the best.....hope that everything will go well for her. I'm hoping that you readers out there would pray for my daughter's speedy recovery. Amin.


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