06 November 2009

So It's My Fault, Is It?

Cant really sleep last nite - something been bothering me the whole night. Something I wished I could share it here in my blog. Never mind about that.....I'll get it sorted out somehow or rather.

In today's entry I'm gonna talk about my precious. Who else if it's not Marsya lah. As what the title says : is it really my fault? As usual I'll be preparing for Marysa's breakfast every morning. The menu for today happens to be fried rice. Since I was a bit tired & sleepy due to the lack of sleep last nite, I opt for the Nasi Goreng Mix instead of the traditional way of pounding chillies, onions & sorts. Things are undoubtly a lot more easier with this premix seasoning - gotta thank the technology for that !

Unfortunately, some people dont think the same way.......and that person is my Marsya. She didnt like the fried rice. Instead of scooping the whole load of it onto the spoon, she just took one tiny bit at a time. When I asked her what's wrong with the food, she told me that it tasted & smelled like "kain buruk". Now, how can a fried rice tasted or even smelled like a kain buruk? You see how creative my dotter's thinking can be? Fried rice & kain buruk is an entirely 2 different things but yet, she could somehow relates both of them together. Duhhhhhhh !!! I sure hope this special talent of hers would someday contributes into something really useful if it's not for the mankind, at least beneficial enuff for her.

The next time I take a look at her, she's still eating the fried rice but this time with one hand pressing her nose. OMG ! Breath in...breath out.......that's what I told myself repeatedly. Dont think I wanna create any situation @ 6 am in the morning......not on this much awaited Friday morning. Continue breathing very deeply dear mummy.......

So, back to my question earlier - is it really my fault as most of my friends thought? It's my fault for spoiling my dotter's appetite with good home cooked food everyday. I've indirectly set up a benchmark in Marsya's choice of food. So, I'm now left with no choice but to meet up to that standard I, myself created.

It's so unfair, isnt it? Why cant she just be a bit more gracious? Be more thankful instead of complaining & whining? Maybe she's still too small to understand the meaning of being appreciative & grateful. Let's give her a few more years & we'll see how it goes. If she still didnt get it, then she'll have to learn it the hard way of which neither of us would like it !


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