19 November 2009

Wedding Story - Part I

Oh yeah.....somebody's getting married & unfortunately ( really ???) it's not me. I've been busy these few days & that explains my disappearance from the blogging world. Being the big sister in the family, everybody & everything lies on my shoulder - all the way from planning, transportation, gifts, hantaran etc...etc.

Well, I'm not complaining here, neither am I grumbling or such. In fact, it gives me a great honour to be having a lead role in making sure the success of the event. Anyway, I've always love to do all these event organizing & planning. The excitement of making it a successful event is really thrilling. It makes your brain works twice harder & your heart will be pumping twice faster as well.

Today, my parents along with my sister came from Kuantan as tomorrow will be the start of the event. It's the busiest day of the year for me - so many things to do yet so little time. Starting from going to the market, sending my car for service, cooking, buying stuffs for the wedding and many, many more chores waiting down the line.

On top of that, in order not to disappoint my mum's special request, I've prepared steamboat for our dinner tonight. Anyway, steamboat has always been my favourite. So, I dont mind having it too. One thing with steamboat, you'll enjoy it even more wih a larger crowd. So, having a steamboat for dinner is obviously a good choice. Morever, the preparation is very easy. All you need to do is to cook the tomyam soup. Others stuff only needs cleaning & cutting.

However by the time we sat down for dinner, I was already too tired to enjoy it. But then, looking at my family enjoying the steamboat I prepared for them, gave me the utmost satisfaction. Though feeling very tired, I could still smile in pleasure.


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